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Class Pricing

 - 30 for $30 *30 consecutive days of unlimited yoga for $30.
New students only! Excludes Kid's Yoga


 - $15 drop in (one class)


 - $42 3 pack ​of classes ($14 each class, expires in 3 months)


 - $65 5 pack ​of classes ($13 each class, expires in 6 months)​


- $120 10 pack ​classes ($12 each class, expires in 9 months)​


- $220 20 pack ​classes ($11 each class, expires in 12 months) ​


- Kid's Yoga Classes $10 each session or 4 classes for $35 (expires in 12 months) ​


- $10 Student/ Senior (65 yrs & up) drop in ​*Must present a valid I.D. ​


- $125 One month of unlimited yoga ​


- $99.00 monthly membership *monthly unlimited yoga with 3 month commitment auto pay agreement. Must contact studio via email one month in advance prior to cancellation. Will auto renew after initial commitment has expired without notice.





All Levels Vinyasa - This class is open to all levels. However, not recommended for the “newbie” (please see Level 1). Class consist of dynamic movement linked with synchronizing breath. Be ready for an empowered sequence to cultivate strength, flexibility, peace of mind, body and soul. (Room Temperature: 80 degrees).


Level 1 Vinyasa - This class is designed for anyone new to yoga. Beginners will be guided through basic vinyasa style sequences. (Room Temperature: 72-74 degrees).


Level 1/2 Vinyasa - This class is specifically designed to help prepare you for an intermediate practice (Level 2). Introduction to arm balances, intermediate poses and challenging variations. (Room Temperature: 80 degrees).


Level 2 Vinyasa - Intermediate level class. A challenging practice not suitable for a beginner. You will be guided through arm balances, intermediate poses and challenging variations. (Room Temperature: 83 degrees).


Level 2/3 Vinyasa - Advanced level class. Not suitable for a beginner. (Room Temperature: 83 degrees).


Gentle Flow - A slower paced vinyasa style class. This class is suitable for some beginners. (Room Temperature: 72-74 degrees).


Hatha Yoga - An old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which helps bring peace to the mind and body. This class is practiced slowly and with more static posture holds. This does not mean this is an “easy” class as postures guided in this class can still be challenging. (Room Temperature: 72-74 degrees).


Energizing Flow - The perfect way to start your day! This is an all levels class involving postures and breath work to help get the body moving and awaken the mind. A calmer and focused mind as well as a sense of accomplishment are just a few the benefits of this class. (Room Temperature: 80 degrees).


Power Flow - For the yogi looking for something more challenging. This is an athletic type of class and is not suitable for a beginner. Be prepared to work hard and sweat! (Room Temperature: 85 degrees).


Kirtan Flow - A slight variation on Vinyasa Flow that includes chanting mantras in Sanskrit. The class introduces traditional mantras and their definitions while slowly adding in movement. The class can be defined as simple, but challenging. (Room Temperature: 72-74 degrees).


Kid’s Yoga - This class takes inspiration from the movement of animals and the nature to teach yoga. Children will be working on breathing, imitation through songs and chants, movement and stretching, and the foundation of the practice. Improved attention and focus and a calmer mind and body are only some of the benefits your child will gain from yoga. Altogether, it will be a fun and enriching experience. (Room Temperature: 72-74 degrees).


Pre-natal Yoga - For all the expecting Mommies! With the use of modified postures and props you will be guided through a practice to help get you ready for labor and delivery. This special class is also designed to relax your mind and body as well as create a deeper connection with your little one. (Room Temperature: 72-74 degrees).


Restorative/ Yin Yoga - This class is appropriate for all level students seeking the benefits of a very relaxing, gentle, and nourishing practice. With the use of props, such as blankets, blocks, and bolsters to help support restorative yoga postures. Benefits include but limited to improving range of motion and joint mobility. Reducing pain and the effects of stress. (Room Temperature: 72-74 degrees).