My name is Mariana Suarez I have been a Yoga instructor for almost two years now and I LOVE yoga because it has transformed my life to being more aware of who I really am. I have been a yoga student since 2008 and I have attended many style of classes like, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa Flow yoga. As a student I keep on learning every day, from teachers, trainings and even from my own students. We always learn something every single day from every interaction we have we other people. I have finished my Level 2 certification from YogaFit teacher training program. I teach Vinyasa Flow yoga and I am bilingual so I’m able to teach in English or Spanish. As a teacher I have witnessed shifts in my student’s life. They end up being always thankful for the changes they have experimented in different aspects. Not only the physical but also the spiritual and personal. My personal goal as teacher is not only to provide a sequence of movements to my students but to create awareness and spread all the benefits of yoga including the physical, mental and spiritual. Through movement and breathe we connect to our bodies and minds and that is what YOGA is all about, CONNECTING WITH OURSELVES.


ॐMariana Suarezॐ