Maria developed a relationship with yoga in her mid twenties when she went through some hardships in life that caused her to become very depressed and overweight. She found a yoga class in a local community college and that is when she immediately fell in love with the practice. Yoga saved her. The dark cloud that consumed Maria slowly lifted and she began to love herself again. Just the act of linking simple poses with her breath she found a place of comfort and it somehow filled this void that was lacking inside of her.

Maria pursued her journey with yoga and received her ERYT- 200 with Yoga108 in Long Beach, CA. She feels that by teaching others and sharing what she’s learned through her personal practice, she can give students a glimpse of the benefits that healed her. As a yoga teacher it became clear that Maria felt that it was the most natural and fitting progression to help others. She just wants to be able to give back what yoga gave to her, which is hope, love and life.